Tourism in Asia. Or also called Asian continent, is the most inhabited and extensive continent of the ground.
It lodges 60 % of the world population and reaches an extension of 44 million km ²;
which supposes 8,70 % of the whole of the terrestrial surface.
It spreads on oriental half of the North hemisphere and it is shaped by 48 countries;
it presents a 44.579.000 km surface ² and a population of inhabitants lodges.




The languages that they speak to themselves in the Asian continent are diverse, between they stand out:
the Chinese or mandarin, as well as the Hindu, the Cantonese Chinese, the Urdu and the Arab.
Likewise the official and native languages in Asia, are:
the Japanese, the Korean, the Thai, the Hebrew, the Indonesian bahasa, the Tibetan one, the Turk, the Persian, the Burmese, the Tagalog, the Armenian one, the Russian, between others.


TOURISM IN ASIAAsia, it has the following limits:

For the north, with the Arctic Ocean,
the south, with the Indian OceanFor the East, with the Pacific Ocean,  The Great Wall of Chinathe west, with the Urals.


More inhabited cities

Tokyo                                   Seoul
Bombay                               New Delhi
Shanghái                             Manila
Osaka                                   Calcutta
Karachi                                Jakarta

Canton                                    Daca
Hong Kong                             Teheran
Bangalore                               Shenzhen
Bangkok                                  Nankín
; Tianjin City Ho Chi Minh

Parts of the Tourism in Asia

TOURISM IN ASIAMap of the subregions of AsiaMapa of the subregions of Asia
The Asian continent subdivides of the following way:
South Asia
East Asia
Central Asia
Asia of the North
Asian southeast
Western Asia

Beliefs in Asia

Asia is a continent of a diverse spiritual wealth and of big importance religiosad;
Because the most practised religions of the world arose exactly here.
Five big religions that are practised in this continent sound::
The Buddhism, the Islam, the Christianity, the Hinduism and the Judaism.


Asia is the biggest global food producer, he is the biggest consumer because its population represents 60 % of the world population;
because its investment is destined principally in two main sectors like the science and technology and the education.
It possesses big reservations of most of the minerals,
which has led it to being consolidated like the continent with major economic growth.
It takes Japan as one of its most important countries.

Places from Tourist in Asia 

Temple Kiyomizu-dera (Tokyo, Japan)The Great Wall of China

Between the main tourist places of Asia, they are:

Ancient temple of Nara (Japan)
The City of Beijing (China)
Puerta de Torii de Miyajima (Japan)
The temples of Angkor (Cambodia)
Temple of Kioto (Japan)
Taj Mahal (India)
The city of Kamakura (Japan)
Katmandu (Nepal)
The river Li (China)
Nikko’s national park (Japan)
Temple Sofuku-ji (Japan)