tourism in Africa. It is the most extensive third continent due to its territorial dimension.
It possesses an entire surface that consists of 30.272.922 Km ², of what 621.600 km ² it consists of insular mass (about 20.4 % of the terrestrial territory).


tourism in África

It has a population of nearby to the billion inhabitants and she is organized in 54 countries;
belonging most of them to the called “African Union”, to exception only of Morocco.


The African continent, it presents the following limits:

For the north, with the Mediterranean Sea,
on the south, with the conjunction of the Atlantic Oceans and Indian,tourism in África
For the East, with the Red sea and the Indian Ocean,
on the west, with the Atlantic Ocean


Most of the African territory, it is a compact and massive continental plaraforma, which rises between the 600 and 800 msnm;
it lodges few but extensive rivers, as well as also few peninsulas. It stands out for its orography and its average altitude.
This continent possesses three clearly definite Mediterranean climates, the desert climate, the subtropical climate.
The rainy intertropical climate (both of savanna and of forest).
It is considered Africa to be the continent with the biggest sunstroke index a year.

The soils of Africa, they are rich in mineral and fertile for sow of grasslands.
The main cultivated areas are located in the area of big lakes, in the oriental grounds, in the Sahel, deltas and banks.

Countries of Tourism in Áfricatourism in África

54 are the countries that shape the African continent, these are:

Angola                                 Algeria

Benin                                   Botswana
Burkina                               Faso

Burundi                              Cabo Verde
Cameroon                          Chad

Central African Republic

Comoros                             Republic of the Congo

Côte d’Ivoire                       Democratic republic of the Congo
tourism in África

Islands and archipelagoes Map of the countries of  Tourism in África.

Mapa of the countries of Africa.

The main islands and archipelagoes that are in Africa, are:

Archipelago of Cabo Verde
The Archipelago of Canaries
Archipelago of Wild Islands
Sao Tome and Principe
Archipelago of the Mascareñas
The Archipelago of Zanzibar (islands Unguja and Pemba)
Archipelago of the Comores
The Archipelago of the Seychelles

Rivers of the Tourism in África

Between the main rivers that are inside the African territory, they are:tourism in África

I laugh Congo
I laugh Limpopo
Rio Níger-Benue
I laugh Nile
Rio Orange
I laugh Senegal
Rio Volta
Rio Zambeze

The most deep river and the longest river of the region, are the Congo and the Nile respectively;
both are overcome only by the Amazon, which converges mostly between the countries of Brazil, Peru and Ecuador.