the need of the trasparencia and organization of the information transmitted to each of the users;
The organization responsible for the prosecution of the personal details in ios-Server.info is:
to preserve the tourist interest in each of the corners from the planet.

when you join contact with us for our web a tie begins between the user we;
across the e-mail: iosserver0828@gmail.

Given to the need in big scale for finding places in which to enjoy – to investigate – to invest – to re-live through moments,
we have chosen to centralize the treatment of the information in ios-Server.info
This will mean that when you want to know or investigate across the web page, your information will come and be stored


ios-server.info compiles the information that you offer us from the web page;
to be able to discharge subscribers / subscribers, to inform them about the updates;
about each of the places that the visitors show the interest.

The personal details that we gather are the following ones:

Full name.


origin place.

In any of these cases, the commitment of iOS Server.info in the use of this information will limit itself to its purpose.
For any enlargement of this use the assent will be requested previously.
we treat the information facilitated to manage the diverse possibilities of relation with the citizenship;
interested in our organization of a loyal and responsible way.

ios-server.info will preserve the proportionate personal details in iOS, in its different variants,
and after the management of the request of fall it will be done in accordance with the request of the person subscribed to the Web.

The access to the personal details of the interested party once finishes the relation it will be blocked,
being only, gained access in case of claims or attention:
of responsibilities derived from the treatment during the definite period.


The legal base for the information treatment there are the articles:
6 (1) (a) and 6 (1) (b) of the General Regulation of Protection of Information (RGPD EU). THAT IS TO SAY;
across the assent of or the interested one.
And understanding as such high how or how subscriber / to.

Recipients and recipients:

It is not foreseen to transfer personal details either to third countries or international organizations.
In case of opposite, the interested peronas will be informed so that they could exercise its rights.


Any person has a right to obtain assertion of the treatment of its personal details on the part of ios-Server.info.
As well as to request the rectification of the inaccurate information or, in its case, to request its suppression when, between other motives;
the information is already not necessary for the ends that were quiet.

Also you have a right of portability of its information.
To request the limitation of its treatment and to be opposed to its treatment.
Also, you have a right to complain before an authority overseer on the information treatment.
You have a right to present a resource before an authority overseer;
if you believe that the treatment of your information violates the information protection regulation.

Girls and children:

For girls and children the treatment will be considered to be licit whenever they count with more than 16 years.
The minors who gain access to our this web at the full freedom because it is.
only it gives the information necessary to defend you with efficacy in each of the places that you want to frequent.

Changes in the present Politics of Privacy:

This Politics of Privacy is checked regularly. ios-Server.info:
there is reserved the right to update it occasionally by means of the publication of the version updated in our web site;
We recommend to you to consult our Politics of Privacy of an occasional way;
to assure you of that you keep on agreeing with her.