GLOBAL Tourism || GLOBAL Introduction to the New World

GLOBAL Tourism. A few decades ago, the vigorous intellectual movement that has been called logical empiricism or logical positivism has seen the light.

His ambition and rigour were such that, precisely because of him and to be able to account for every scientific phenomenon;

his elegant initial models of science theory were losing economy, precision and austerity.

However, the formal elegance and the perfect correspondence with the scientific practice seemed to be necessary conditions for a school which intended to make science theory;

and which received precisely the name of logical empiricism.


The hypertrophy, therefore, led to its decline, from the moment that the central set of theories practically disappeared, over time, under a sea of patches, years, auxiliary hypotheses and other elements .

However, that logical empiricism failed to formulate a theory of impeccable science, once and for all, does not imply that all its work has been sterile.

Perhaps in our day some of your proposals are somewhat anachronistic or superfluous, but there is no doubt that another part has sufficient merit to pay attention to it.

Perhaps this is the case of the requirement for precision and clarity in the use of definitions and concepts.

Vagueness and inaccuracy are self-evident ills.

Unique sites

Unique sites

Their repercussions are serious at the time of analysis and are easily perceptible when this analysis is practiced in the field of social sciences.

To try to evaluate causes and effects, correlations and homologies;

and even the simple magnitude of phenomena or states of things becomes impossible task when the object is not clear:

the concepts are vague, the definitions, undecided.

Certainly, trying to fit complex phenomena into theoretical frameworks of great formal brilliance but scant correspondence:

with reality is not a solution-perhaps it is one of those cases in which the remedy is worse than the disease-but I do not see timely surrender Hasty and the abandonment of any attempt to give conceptual precision to complex phenomena.

hat phenomena affect GLOBAL Tourism ?

Among the contemporary social phenomena in whose analysis there is no shortage of these scourges is tourism.

Although its study already occupies decades, despite the fact that public;

and private agents are affected or has interests in it, despite the existence of publications, institutions, organizations and congresses, national;

and International, dedicated to their research, the Tourism remains a dark, fuzzy, elusive phenomenon.

It is already a common place to allude to its “complexity ”

;A product of its magnitude, the large number of agents involved, the very different nature of these agents, etc.

From my point of view, much of this “complexity” simply obeys the lack of a clear definition:

which in turn is the result of an erroneous base approach;

The large size of the phenomenon responds to the lack of an operative taxonomy of the participating agents;

Its qualitative multiplicity, to both causes, lack of a definition and lack of a taxonomy of these agents.

These ills, as I have said, come from an erroneous base approach, as I will try to expose.

Prior to the formulation of proposals, I will review succinctly some of the common places of the tourist literature;

trying to highlight the methodological, heuristic;

and operational difficulties with which they often stumble and which in turn reproduce and expand.