Tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Tourism in Saudi Arabia. It is a country of Islamic confession and of Wahabi tradition;
Which is a very rigorous Sunni Islam stream.
This has meant that in the last few years it is not a particularly attractive place for Western tourists;
In addition, the Saudi government does not grant tourism visas except very specific exceptions.
Yes it is for millions of pilgrims who travel every year to the most important holy city of the Muslims.
Mecca, place of birth of Muhammad;
Where the Kaaba is located (in Masjid al-Haram Mosque), where the faithful from all over the world pray.
The mosque is the largest in the world, and the entrance to non-Muslims is forbidden.


The best tourism in Saudi Arabia visiting Mecca.

touris in saudi arabia

In Mecca everything revolves around the pilgrimage, so other places to emphasize;
They are likewise religious, like the Mount Arafat, Mina and the Well of ZamZam, collected in the history of Islam.

Another holy city is Medina, where Muhammad emigrated from Mecca.
That moment is reflected as the Hegira, which is the beginning of the Muslim calendar.
It was in this city where the first mosque was built, the mosque of Quba;
By placing Muhammad his first stones.
But it is another mosque that occupies the second most important part of Islam;
The mosque of the prophet or Masjid al-Nabawi.
Muhammad is buried there.


Because of the prohibition of visiting the two holy places to the infidels;
For non-Muslims it is better to visit other areas of the country, such as Riad, the capital;touris in saudi arabia
Where you can see vestiges of the past, such as the historical center;
Old part King Abd al-Aziz, with the castle al-Masmaj or the population of Diriyah, with the palace of Salwa or the Baths al-Turaif.
You can also see modern buildings such as the Kingdom Centre;
The highest skyscraper of the country, or the tower with the Faisaliyah, with a ball of gold at the peak;
Which was the first skyscraper in Saudi Arabia and second in height.

Documentation for tourism in Saudi rabies.

Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
You need a visa.
Tourist visas are not being dismissed, so it is necessary to have a contract of employment in the country or to be invited by a company or institution.
The pilgrims have to ask for a special visa valid for a month. During their stay in the country the passport will be retained by the Saudi authorities.

Other issues.

touris in saudi arabiaIn Saudi Arabia Sharia is applied and there is no specific penal code, so the penalties apply for each specific case.
Crimes considered serious can be punished with public flogging or even death penalty.

Homosexuality can get punished with death penalty.

It is forbidden to consume alcohol and products derived from pork.
Pornography is not allowed either.

Women have to dress in public “abaya” and veil, while men can not wear shorts.

The separation of sexes is obligatory in the daily life.
Women must be accompanied by a man of their family, either husband, father, brother or son.

Historical places of tourism in Saudi Arabia

Al Masjid an Nabawi

Religious and sacred places for tourism in Saudi Arabia

Quba Mosque,
Station of Ibrahim,
Monuments and places of interest.

Grand Mosque
Safa to Marwa
Black Stone
Jabal-Al-Noor (the Mountain of Light)
Jannatul Baqi  touris in saudi arabia
Citadel of Masmak
Mount Arafat
Abu Bakar Masjed

Religious and sacred places, historical places for Tourism in Saudi arabia

Al Masjid an Nabawi Medina
Grand Mosque Mecca
Safa to Marwa Mecca
Quba Medina Mosque
Station of Ibrahim Meca
Black Stone Mecca
Jannatul Baqi Medina
Masjid al-Qiblatain Medina
Jabal-Al-Noor (the Mountain of Light) Mecca
Al Rajhi Grand Mosque Riyadh
Grave Of Hamzah Medina
Grave Of Hamzah
Mada’in Saleh Al Ula
Masjid Taneem Meca
Abraj Al-Bait Towers Mecca
Balad Jeddah
Uent of King Jeddah
Citadel of Masmak Riyadh
Mount Arafat Mecca
Kingdom Centre Riyadhtouris in saudi arabia
Biet Nassif Jeddah
Jeddah Floating Mosque
The Jeddah Corniche Jeddah
Jeddah Corniche
Corniche Al Khobar
King Khalid Grand Mosque Riyadh
Old Dir’aiyah Riyadh
Seven Mosques Medina
The Seven Mosques
Center Al Faisaliyah Riyadh
The Center to the Faisaliyah
Tahlia Street Riyadh
World’s Tallest unsupported Flagpole Jeddah

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