Tourism in Cancun | A Beach Rhythm

Tourism in Cancun | A Beach Rhythm

Tourism in Cancun – is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico.

It borders the Caribbean Sea and to the north with Isla Mujeres.
It has a great infrastructure for tourism, there are hotels for all budgets and good restaurants.

Currently, Cancun is divided into five main areas: Puerto Juárez or Tamtamchen, urban area or city centre, fringe Ejidal, Alfredo V. Bonfil and Cancun Island or hotel zone.

Economic importance generated by tourism in Cancun

tourism in Cancun

Isla Cancun is the most important area where most of the beaches and tourist activities that are recognized this destination are concentrated.

The hotel zone is a strip of white sand that runs around the east of the town and is the main tourist attraction of the city.
From north to south, you will find public beaches from Puerto Juárez (Niño Beach, or children’s beach) until you reach the hotel zone;
There are 9 public beaches with accesses marked along the 22 km of the island.

Map for tourism in Cancún

In Cancun It has a great diversity in terms of aquatic activities;
From diving in the transparent waters of the Caribbean Sea, or swimming with dolphins;
Or the famous jungle tours to discover the secrets of the Cancun Lagoon;
Or simply make snorkeling on the second largest barrier reef in the world;
Discover the amazing fish that live in the Caribbean Sea.

The fun in Cancun not only refers to the beaches during the day and to the night clubs and bars.
The options are higher, because they are both in the hotel zone;tourism in Cancun
As in the city an important number of movie theatres, and a track of Go Cars, among others.

Alternative tourism in Cancun.

Cancun offers a tourist circuit of sea and jungle.
Through a community network baptized as Green gate those who seek a contact with nature and cultural experiences;
They will be able to travel with the Asociación Civil Kanché:
A route of sea and forest managed by 14 cooperatives of 7 Mayan populations of the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas.
Here tourists will be able to know the culture of the contemporary Maya.


Cancun’s nightlife will never disappoint you.
There are places for all tastes, from dancing to sunrise in one of the nightclubs;
Or spend a night in the relax with friends in one of their many bars.

Some of the recommended sites are:

Bulldog Café.
Coco Bongo.
Daddy ‘ O.
Margarita Ville.
Mr. Frog.
Sweet Club.
Mambo Café.
The Guanatos.
Yestarday Bar.
Hard Rock Cafe.

Places of Interestourism in Cancun

North-South Dialogue Fountain:

it is known by the cancunenses as the “Ceviche Fountain”.
It is a meeting point for citizens for any reason of local, state, or national celebration.

Monument to the history of Tourism in Cancun Mexico:

Designed by the Cuban sculptor Ramón de Lázaro Bencomo. It exalts the national history through engravings of the historical personages of maximum relevance.
Because of its form, popularly it was known since its inauguration like “Monument to the Blender”.

Source of Kukulcan:

colorful fountain that gives its name to the main boulevard, consists of six heads of the Feathered serpent Kukulcan;
Replicas of the monuments of Chichén Itzá, representing the wind God of the ancient Mayas.

Esplanade of the flag: located at kilometer 5 of the hotel zone, the flag is so great that you can appreciate its waving, from downtown Cancun, and even from Isla mujeres.
The ASTA measures 103.7 m, the flag has an extension of 1,424 m² and 120 kg of weight.

Municipal Palace:

Seat of the Municipal executive branch, consists of the different departments that compose the head of Benito Juárez.

Places of Interest

Kabah Ecological Parktourism in Cancun

Preserve a large green area as a protected area for that purpose.
You can see various plant species and wild animals, some of them in danger of extinction.
Many citizens use the park to jog, ride a bike; Or just to escape from life in the city for a while, admiring the flora and fauna of the place.

Isla Mujeres National Park.

Called “Great Western Atlantic Reef belt;
“(also known as” Great Mayan Reef “) considered to be the second largest barrier reef in the world.
Daily tours are organized in various marinas for underwater exploration.


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