Tourism in Barranquilla. The capital of Joy | When it comes to tourism in Colombia, Barranquilla is illuminated with the solar rays of the Caribbean.

“Golden Gate of Colombia”, or “Curramba”;
It overflows flavor for all its pores and the sticky melodies of cumbia;
They begin to rumble in the ears of those who seek a unique destiny.

In Barranquilla, life is a real carnival.

Just walk on one of your avenues and squares to immediately feel the magic;
That, that the Atlantic exerts on its inhabitants and especially on its visitors.

The life in Barranquilla wanders without desire and dances making shudder all its way with its inexhaustible energy;
The music in this beautiful destination of tourism in Colombia is not a tradition but almost a religion.

With a privileged position, it has been for centuries more than a port for the country;
It is the place by which the world itself enters and that is amalgamated in its customs, culture and races.



Cradle of great men and women who have shown the best of Colombia to the world;
He does not stop laughing at laughter by teaching everyone that sadness and sorrows disappear very quickly and that joy is contagious;
Barranquilla is not visited, it is enjoyed forever.

Falling in love with life is inevitable when you are under the Barranquillero sun;
To miss her by leaving is as logical as the beats of a heart that knows a new illusion

tourism in barranquilla

It is a must-see plan to visit its mansions, parks and squares;
It is comforting for the spirit to walk along its boulevards to witness the vitality that the human soul redefines in this unsurpassed destination of tourism in Colombia.
Come to Barranquilla and you will know what true hospitality is.

Enjoying the carnival time is an obligation;
It is an event that carries the Barranquilleros and Barranquilleras in their hearts but especially in their hips;
It does not matter that the visitor does not know how to dance because the taste and flavor currambera through the skin instantly.

So mystical is the carnival of Barranquilla that was declared an oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO;
Which indicates that the joy in this wonderful place is guaranteed until the end of time.tourism-in-barranquilla
But throughout the year Barranquilla is a feast that is checked with, the warmth of its people and the beauty of its women.
The spirit of the Caribbean has no better representatives on Earth than the Barranquilleros, so many visitors have said full of euphoria to arrive:

“I’m staying in Barranquilla!”

Carnival of Keel the best tourism in Barranquilla.

Every year the city of Barranquilla is dressed in celebration and joy;
The Carnival of Barranquilla the most important festival of Colombia seizes the hearts of the people and floods with magic and splendor the Caribbean people.

Barranquilla’s Carnival over the years has become one of the most important folkloric and cultural festivals in Colombia.
Each year a million and a half people between visitors and locals are quoted in the Sandy;
Celebrating annually a feast full of joy, music and revelry.


The Carnival season officially starts on the last Saturday before Ash Wednesday;
No hardened, Carnival is linked to other activities or events related to carnival that are made throughout the year.

intangible patrimony of humanity

Barranquilla’s carnival was recognised as an oral and intangible patrimony of humanity by UNESCO on November 7, 2003:
Due to the crossbreeding and the great variety of cultural manifestations that mix, the feeling of the folklore of yesteryear, econ the current manifestations and of the Colombian daily life.

In this buffet of joy and video The attendees of the carnival will be able to see the most typical aspects of the Caribbean culture, among which are:
The troupes, the costumes of Ateles Hybridus, the dance of the Scribble, the Congo and the Monocuco.
Also characters of everyday life and the most current folklore.

Tourist for tourism in Barranquilla The most popular attractions

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Things to do most popular (79)     

Maria Reina Metropolitan Cathedral
Churches and Cathedrals
Caribbean Museum

Specialized Museums

Grand Malecón Golden Gate
Church of the Immaculate Conception

Churches and Cathedrals


Paseo de Bolivar
Hotel El Prado
Monuments and places of interest
Rex Theatre
Montoya Station


Barranquilla Museum of Modern Art
Mapuka Museum
Carnival Hall Elsa Caridi
Aeronautical Park and Naval Museum
Golf Park
The Parque de la Castellana

Universal Park
Sacred Heart Park
Hotel El Prado
Former Customs Building
Garcia Building
Santa Bernadette Parish
Church of the Sacred Heart
Church of San Roque

Metropolitan Cathedral Maria Reina Museum of the Caribbean
Church of the Immaculate Conception
Golden Gate Convention Center
Ash Mouths
Viva Barranquilla Shopping Center
Maria Reina Metropolitan Cathedral
Malecon Leon Caridi
Fluvial Intendencia Square
Barranquilla Zoo


Plaza de la Paz
Salamanca Island Park
Portal del Prado Shopping Center
Church of San Nicolas de Tolentino
Espiritu Santo Church

Parque de la Castellana
Villa Country Shopping Center
Villa Santos Park
Washington Park

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