Tourism in Barbados The easternmost island of the Caribbean

Tourism in Barbados The easternmost island of the Caribbean

Tourism in Barbados. It is an island that is part of the Lesser Antilles, located in the Caribbean Sea bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

It received this name because in its discovery the visit made by the Portuguese to their lands;
Based on the long and aerial roots of a plant of native fig tree of the place that resembled a beard.

It is one of the highlights of the Caribbean that has a strong tourist influx;
By the majesty of its beaches that offer a spectacle in the sight of its tourists by its colourful; Also for marine biodiversity.

Generalities for Tourism in Barbados

With a diverse geography between mountains and plains, important beaches, with an underwater beauty and coral reefs of the most diverse species.

Barbados unifies two great attractions for tourists who are 1 having a natural beauty in their landscape.
2 have all the services so that the tourist finds the necessary comfort for a pleasant stay.

Among the tourist attractions are the following:

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Grantley Adams International Airport

Unique and important to the place, it receives a large number of flights of the most important airlines;
Also complemented by charter and regional flights. An excellent and dynamic place where this activity of the air transport of the Caribbean is developed.
Currently they are in renovations.

Beach area for tourism in Barbados

With very interesting beaches where clear waters and sands ranging from pink to white;
They make the scenery attractive, pleasant for tourists who come to the Caribbean to enjoy a dream stay.tourism in aruba

Its coasts bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and where it is conducive to the realization of aquatic activities like the practice of surfing.

It has 97 kms. of coast, leading to the Caribbean, among the best known are several such as:
Batts Rock, Flokestone Park, Gibbs, Paynes Bay among others.

While there are others that overlook the east with the Atlantic Ocean;
Where the waters are more agitated and where sports like surfing and windsurfing are practiced.

National Heroes Square/Plaza for tourism in Barbados

A very important square with the monument to Lord Horatio Nelson, who was at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The city offers a wide variety of restaurants, where its dishes are varied;
Going from peas to shellfish, also delicious desserts.

It also offers the possibility of making walks through its handicrafts fairs;
Prestigious shops located on Broad Street Main Street:
With monuments, interesting buildings in history, bars, discotheques, and many places where you can enjoy it completely.

Queens Park, Brooklyn

tourism in arubaA park of great attraction for its beauty and its content because it houses a theatre and an excellent art gallery;
You can also admire the house that owns where an English commander lived.

It has two years old Baobab giants, trees that come from Madagascar, with 18 meters in diameter.

The city shows the combination of two different cultures of the British and the African.

There is a cheerful climate where there is no shortage of music, dances, colors and a lot of joy completing the atmosphere.

There are celebrated great carnivals and other festivities with great participation of foreign tourists;
They stand out among them the Holetown Festival.

In a city like Oistins, is held the celebration of Oistins Fish Festival;
Where is the homage to the signing of the letter of Barbados in the 17th century.

Points of interest for Tourism in Barbados

Statue of Nelson.

One of the typical colorful streets of the city.
National Heroes Square (formerly Trafalgar Square) and the Fountain of the garden. 9 Parliament Building
Statue of Nelson
Independence Square and the Arc de la Independenciatourism in barbados
The Montefiore source
The cathedral Church of St. Michael and all the Angels
St. Mary’s Anglican Church
St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral
The Jewish synagogue
The Pelican Village and Handicraft Center
Queens Park, Brooklyn
The Barbados Museum
Kensington Oval (headquarters of the Cricket World Cup 2007)
Carlisle Bay Beach,
Cheapside Market
The Tom Adams Financial complex.

Cathedral Square,
The Frank Collymore Hall of the Performing arts
La Cueva Pastor Department Store (No. 10 Broad Street)
The building of Mutua (small wide street)
The Cheapside Gardens
Sagicor Square
Garrison Savannah and National Historic area
Martineau House
Pierhead Development Complex

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