Tairona Park | Tourism in Colombia |

Tairona Park | Tourism in Colombia |

Tairona Park. Whole Families, with wide smiles drawn on their faces, pack what is necessary for adventure;
Foreigners from the four corners of the world make all preparations: Nothing can be left to chance; Ecologists, biologists, anthropologists, ornithologists, archaeologists, etc.
Everyone wants to be part of an unforgettable event.
And It is that no one wants to miss the magic that lives in one of the most extraordinary natural parks of America.
Anyone would think that the jungle, the rivers, the snow-capped mountains;
The sea and the golden sand of the beaches compete for being the center of attention;

Located 34 km from Santa Marta, this great natural and cultural bastion of the world (Unesco declared it in 1979 Reserve of the Biosphere and Patrimony of the Humanity).
It Shelters in its heart perhaps one of the most complex ecosystems of the planet;
And this is largely due to the transition from their thermal floors.
But what more things make it so complex? Let’s see.
Coral Reefs, mangroves, seagrass meadows, coastal mounts, tropical forest;
Fog Forest, crystalline rivers that are born just where the snows of the Sierra Melt…

¿ Any other details will remain in the Inkwell? Tairona Park.

tairona park

We Have even more. In These 15,000 hectares (3,000 of them are marinas) of extension a green ocean undulates towards snowy peaks;
A coast of more than 80 kilometres changes to each stretch in winding lines to form bays, coves;
Foothills that ascend to the sky and rocky coastlines formed by round and polished stones;
That already look like eggs of gigantic living beings, dinosaurs or dragons, whatever the imagination wants…, because here, in this park, under the auspices of its beauty we are to dream.

Although They do not give so much promise, pray out there an old adage, but really that the thing is serious.
Why not take a quick look at more detailed information and some of the many things to do in the Tayrona National Natural Park.


Getting to this paradise is a child’s thing.

Just continue north on the Caribbean Backbone, which is indisputably the benchmark for access to this wonderful adventure.
There Are Several entries and everyone takes the one you want according to what is available to do in the park:
For example, some will want to go straight to the beaches, others prefer the ecological trails that lead to the ruins of the ancient populated taironas.

What to do: in the Tairona Park

it turns out that one can show some anxiety symptoms after learning how much there is to do in the Tayrona;
Then you have to stay calm and devise a program that meets our needs…
Time is worth gold and you have to give it a wise use. Although If you have enough, well, go for each and every one of the adventures of the park that we present you below!tairona park

At Sea:in the Tairona Park

The waters of the Caribbean are simply haunting.
Under its delicate shades an underwater world, conformed by a very varied group of corals (moose, lettuce, brains, blacks, etc.);

It is inhabited by hundreds of gentle creatures: sea turtles, stingrays, fish of all colors and shapes, sea urchins, elusive brunettes, among others.
And all very close to those warm waters that wet the capricious coastlines of Parque Tayrona;
Where there are no strong winds or treacherous currents.

With These delicious conditions, diving is erected in one of those activities that cannot be ignored;
The more outstanding it is if it is in charge of the best: tanned men and women of the population of Taganga who have made the sea their life.
And The Cantil, Garnet Point, the Long Morrito and Needle Island are some of the various points to put the equipment;
The masks and fins and record with the eyes and with the cameras the most beautiful coral patches filled with incredible life and beauty.
And The other immersion spots in the park we leave to your discovery.

Sun, sea and beach. in the Tairona Park.

The goblin of impatience whispers to you.
Do Not worry, that in this section of the park no one will be dissatisfied.
The reason is very simple: the Tayrona Beach Collection has no similarity in another place in the Caribbean.
It Is, to be frank, a catalogue as impressive as impossible to name and describe in these brief lines.
In any case, you will find beautiful beaches to your measure, solitary, almost virgin…
We name You some for the heart to leave a couple of doubles:

White Beach, Pretty Fat.tairona park
Cristal Beach.
The beaches of Bahía Concha, etc.



In these idyllic natural vicinity, anyone would like to camp under the glitter of thousands of stars hanging from the night vault.
However it is good to warn that there will be certain places of the Tayrona where you will not be able to do this.
In any case we have two safety pins for camping, Reeds and Reefs;
Sectors that, due to their infrastructure, food supply and camping areas, are a must-see point;
Being both a chance to meet people from all over the world and share your impressions of this phenomenal trip.

And How to overlook it:

if you are looking for an even more memorable experience, we strongly recommend the Eco-rooms;
Eco-lodges that are an avant-garde in the world of lodgings with environmental commitment;
Its design, its materials and the spectacular panorama they provide, indisputably converge perfectly to offer a very spiritual atmosphere.
You Can Find them very close to the sector of Canaveral and within a span of the Chayrama Museum;
Consolidating the latter in another important alternative to recognize the legendary historical and cultural legacy Tairona.


The ecological walks in the Tayrona are at a different price.
An incredible amalgam of experiences lives who delves into his footsteps and energies through the domains of a magical place;
Considered by the indigenous communities that inhabit it, as the ‘ Heart of the world ‘.
Trekking in the Tayrona National Natural Park is diversified into a memorable archeological walk;
The approach to a beautiful spiritual experience in the middle of the jungle and then the enjoyment of the sea, the sky and the beaches in incredible combination never before seen.

Of The stage for these hikes, for their impressive feature;
We could write infinite folios, but suffice it to say that the park, beautifully, combines three ecosystems of intense greens, that is, dry forest, humid forest and cloud forest.tairona park
Thus, the Walker will see as his passage of Explorer is courted by Ceibas, Trupillos, Caracolíes, bromeliads, orchids, heliconias, avocados, guáimaros, etc;
This is not to mention the songbirds and the thousands of invertebrates that find their best exponents in the iridescent butterflies.
Finally, here we have a safety pin for trekking lovers.
You should not stop taking the Nine Stones trail for any reason.

Bird Watching.

The soundtrack of the Tayrona already wanted it for themselves the best masters of World music.
For The lovers of these virtuosos of the melody, the bird watching in the park becomes a forced plan. There has been much talk about the incredible biodiversity of Colombia in terms of birdlife, in this line, the park is of those sanctuaries in which a total of almost 400 species are recorded:
Open your eyes well, sharpen your ears and focus very well the camera, very ponto you will meet graceful flight hummingbirds, proud hawks;
Very serious owls, great torcazas, pelicans, king Vultures, hawks, etc.

Nature Tourism

If you ever thought about giving your life a truly natural experience, don’t hesitate to approach the Tayrona.
tairona parkHere the most different species simply wander to pleasure under the security of incredible places.
In The Sea The Kings that are almost everywhere are the corals, they follow by hundreds the fish polychrome;
Those of funny walk like the crustaceans, the timid molluscs, the sympathetic sea turtles and thousands of invertebrates more.
In The Green Mountains The sighting of other species increases considerably;
Small mammals and primates like the nocturnal monkey, make their appearance, we find also;
To mention a handful of these species:
Al Mico corn, sloths, bats of various species, red deer, and felines like Jaguars and ocelots

Cultural and archaeological Contact: The Magic and the mystery of an ancient people like the Tairona is breathed in the environment.
Its vestiges remind us, keeping the proportions, the ruins of Machu Picchu that greet the sky.
Little Town and Lost City discovered not long ago, they were also hidden waiting for the eyes that would marvel at their presence amidst almost inaccessible mountains.

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