6 Sports Tourism Trends you need to know.

6 Sports Tourism Trends you need to know.

6 Sports Tourism Trends you need to know. If We consider that sport is the most important social phenomenon at international level;
That tourism is the world’s largest industry we have before us a trend with infinite growth potential.
In This article we analyze the latest trends in sports tourism;
To implant new tourism marketing strategies that will help you to attract this powerful market.

Sports tourism has been a huge opportunity for destinations that, in principle, were not “so touristy”.
The mountain areas have been transformed thanks to the ski resorts or the boom, for example:
Of sports like climbing.
Trekking h

The Trail Running:

It Is A type of running created by and for nature lovers.
In a sport based on a single premise “run off track”: Trails, side roads, crossing rivers, with jumps, intense climbs and downs, on an irregular and rugged terrain. The longest and most popular races are known as Ultra Trail and Ultra Trail running.

These Are the last, long-distance races, which, like marathons;
They attract a lot of tourists to the destinations that house them. Some of the best examples are:

Ultra Trail del Mont Blanc:

Five races that bring together more than 8.000 runners and more than 50.000 visitors who come to this mountainous area located between France, Ital and Switzerland.
The event currently consists of 5 races ranging from 166 km to 53 km.
A real sporting and social phenomenon.

Grand Raid:

This famous 162-mile race takes place on the island of Réunion, located between Madagascar and the Mauritius Islands.
A sporting event that brings together almost 3,000 runners every year.


Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run:

6 Sports Tourism Trends

This race takes place every year in Colorado (USA).
Its 100 miles (166 km) tour an impressive route through the mountains that crown this state.
Each year only 140 runners can participate in the race, selected by their own committee;
Which makes thousands of fans approach the area to see the highest representatives of this sport of height.

as put in the map hundreds of villages that otherwie would not have visitors.

Before you get to know these trends, let’s look at some figures that will help you understand the magnitude of sports tourism in Spain:

More than 10.5 million of foreign tourists visited Spain in 2014 motivated by the sport.
They Spent a total of 11,500 M €.
2.5 M of Spaniards traveled in 2015 abroad to attend a sporting event or to practise a sport with a total expenditure of 500 M €.


The Classics. 

6 Sports Tourism Trends.

After Knowing the tremendous data of the Barcelona Tourist office that says:

Barça generates 6% of all tourism in the city and 1.2% of the GDP of the Catalan capital, there is no doubt that the classics, in sport, will always be fashionable.
Madrid and Barcelona are two clear examples as well as events such as the Olympics or Formula 1 which are always synonymous with economic and tourist success.

One of the latest news that confirms this “trend” is that the circuit of Valencia Ricardo Tormo (indispensable of the world championship of motorcycling;
He Approved a project that will enable a 4 star hotel with about 100 rooms so that the more than 300,000 visitors who currently receive can stay in the same venue.

Nautical Sports.

6 Sports Tourism Trends6 Sports Tourism Trends

A few months Ago Meliá Hotels International announced the opening of a hotel of the brand Sol House;
In the Moroccan coastal town of Taghazout focused on a millennial public and a lover of nautical sports;
Especially for surf enthusiasts and all its variants. This opening positions Morocco as one of the most leading surfing destinations in the world and with enormous growth expectations.

Another Good example of how surfing has positioned a destination on the map is Cantabria.
According To A study published recently by the University of Cantabria, tourism activity around this sport has increased by 51% in the last 5 years.

Healthy Life.

6 Sports Tourism Trends.

Restaurants offering vegan food, controlled production foods;
Organic food or proximity cooking are the perfect complement for athletes who go one step further in caring for their body.
Yoga, Pilates or meditation Classes are the other “must” of this trend.
For Many of the sports fans find a moment to relax and disconnect the mind is a fundamental part of their training.


6 Sports Tourism Trends

Cycling has become a key part of the deseasonalisation of tourism in the Balearic Islands, especially in Majorca.
It Is estimated that more than 150,000 cyclists visit each year the island generating more than 145 M of €. In contrast To “Sun and Beach” tourism;
Whose high season is located in the central months of the summer, the Cicloturista visits Majorca between March and may or between September and February.

There are Already more than 150 hotels on the island that have adapted their facilities to receive:

Athletes and take advantage of this trend in sports tourism that is helping them to increase their reserves in the “weaker” months of the year.
A very good example of how to take advantage of this trend is the case of Hotel Jumeirah Port Soller;
That has launched a package especially for cyclists from the hand of European champion David Millar.
A clear bet on cycling in the months that follow the high season.

ReCeptive specialized in sports

Companies that are dedicated to organize in destination all that a professional sports club (or amateur) needs for their trainings.
They Are organizations, usually managed by former athletes and native tourism professionals who are able to offer impeccable service to the groups of athletes: Hotel, specialized catering, equipment rental, sports court rental, Transfers
Anything a group of athletes may need to have a perfect trip in which sport is the most important thing.

For the tourist establishments a receptive specialized in sport is a perfect ally to enter this market in boom offering an impeccable service.
Because that yes, it is necessary to meet their needs, because the athlete is demanding by nature.

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